Gene Baker, founder of Homestead Genetics© and Bovine Boot Camp©
has been raising specialty cattle since 1986.  He is an expert at breeding,
raising, and developing cattle to their maximum potential. Since 2000,
Gene’s focus has been on breeding and competing within the
professional Bucking Bull industry. He has won over 90 championships,
including a record breaking 3-time win of the prestigious American
Heritage Futurity.   Gene offers his services to novice and professional
cattlemen alike. His Bovine Boot Camp©  experience includes one-on-
one coaching, video classes, and a 5-day cow camp which covers
palpating, hoof trimming, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, in-vitro
fertilization, and time and money saving maneuvers learned over the past
30 years.     Gene holds his Homestead Genetics’ Bucking Production
Sale each Fall offering top genetics from Houdini as well as the newest
generation of superstar bucking bulls!  Check out the dates and get
signed up for all the available opportunities by going to either website:

www.bovinebootcamp.com   www.homesteadgenetics.net    
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Gene Baker
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RIP Houdini
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Gene Baker   325-338-6437
My Sponsor Child,
"Mission of Mercy"
Free Semen Program,
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Semen Program
It's Time
Omega Mission International

Please take a few minutes to watch the video below. With every donation  
of $10 to the ECF cause you will be released a straw of QB 1 (Oscars
Velvet x White Water, Ms Kiker) or our Gunslinger son , Retro.or Dr Hou.
Please email me directly at homesteadgenetics@hughes.net  for the release
of the semen and
send your contributions to Omega Mission
International 15219 Joliet Ave  Lubbock TX 79423

My dad Pete, has focused his time toward organizing an effort to get as many
of these calves vaccinated in a very difficult region of Africa. In fact around
the 2:25 minute mark of the video Pete is speaking. Of course it's not about
saving calves but people. What an opportunity to show the love of Christ
through a gift that restores life!  Gene

Click HERE to See Video
Suzie, Gene and Pete Baker
Gene Baker
Cade and Colt