Gene Baker is owner and operator of Homestead Genetics located in
Anson, Texas. He has been raising rodeo cattle for the past 13 years.
Gene lives with his wife Paige and their 2 sons Colt and Cade.

Homestead Genetics has raised and trained many champions over the past 10
years. We have won over 60 Championships, including three American Heritage
Championships, Dr. Hou in 2005, Last Call in 2007 and Bad Wine in 2011!  In
2010, Moon won four Champion Awards as well as Reserve Champion PBR
Classic Bull just behind Bushwacker!

Last Call won over $75,000 at the American Heritage, and set records for
Futurity bulls by also winning the Winnie Classic and Spring Spectacular.  
"We are a complete bovine breeding and embryo transfer center"
explained Baker.  "We offer proven genetics to people who are in the
market to sell cattle, purchase bucking cattle, artificially inseminate their
herd or transfer embryos. Our most popular service is our artificial

Homestead also puts on one of the biggest bucking bull sales each year,
the Fall Classic Bucking Production Sale. In 2007, this wildly successful
event was held in conjunction with the ABBI Finals.

Take advantage of Homestead's outstanding genetics to improve, or to
start your own herd. Straws from their top-notch bulls and other
star-studded bloodlines, including Houdini, are available. Call and ask

If you are looking for top-notch genetics, just head "Home."
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Gene Baker
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RIP Houdini
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Gene Baker   325-338-6437
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Omega Mission International

Please take a few minutes to watch the video below. With every donation  
of $10 to the ECF cause you will be released a straw of QB 1 (Oscars
Velvet x White Water, Ms Kiker) or our Gunslinger son , Retro.or Dr Hou.
Please email me directly at homesteadgenetics@hughes.net  for the release
of the semen and
send your contributions to Omega Mission
International 15219 Joliet Ave  Lubbock TX 79423

My dad Pete, has focused his time toward organizing an effort to get as many
of these calves vaccinated in a very difficult region of Africa. In fact around
the 2:25 minute mark of the video Pete is speaking. Of course it's not about
saving calves but people. What an opportunity to show the love of Christ
through a gift that restores life!  Gene

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Suzie, Gene and Pete Baker
Gene Baker
Cade and Colt